A Trip to Morocco

26 Feb 2018

The Morocco Painting Holiday is in April so I made my first ever trip to Morocco with Ros who owns the apartments in Taghazout and is co-hosting the holiday. One reason for the trip was to transport all the art materials, no easy task considering easels and folding stools had to be included. However I was pleased with how compact each persons equipment will be. The other purpose was to familiarise myself with the accommodation, the area and the people and to check out places to paint with our group.

The apartments are are all decorated in traditional Moroccan style with lovely terraces and amazing views (see photo) overlooking the sea, the village and the beach. Fishing boats line the beach and camel rides are on offer, especially popular with Moroccans who mainly live in cities so don't see camels very often.

It was visually inspiring as there is so much to sketch and paint. I managed to do some paintings while I was there and look forward to going back in April. Some artwork will be posted soon.

If Ros hadn't invited me to teach the painting holiday I might never have experienced this lovely place.