The location for this painting holiday is Taghazout on the Atlantic coast of Morocco just south of Essaouira and north of Agadir

You will have the opportunity to embrace the culture of this region. We take you into Berber markets, towns, mountain villages, homes and more. We also ensure that you enjoy yourself at your base, the atmospheric and friendly Berber fishing village of Taghazout.


Berber (or Amazigh) culture is highly distinctive. Highlights include kilims and rugs, pottery, jewellery, leather work, henna decoration, Sabra throws, rose oil based cosmetics, spices, pastries, tagines, Argan oil, olive oil, saffron, ancient fortified mountain community defences, festivals, markets, hieroglyphic runes, music, architectural detailing, traditional inshore and offshore fishing fleets and nomadic goat herding camps.




What's Included